The Winedrinkers Cottage The Winedrinkers Cottage The Cottage Early morning in autumn on the deck. 201613988 The Cottage The sunroom, great place to sit with a coffee and read a magazine. We have also got a desk in the sunroom, if you really have to work. 201613989 The Cottage Bedroom No 1. This also has great wardrobe space and a small TV on the wall to allow you to go to bed, relax and not miss the end of the movie. 201613990 The Cottage Bedroom 2. This is also a spacious room and the sunporch leads off this room. 201613991 The Cottage Half of the lounge. The kitchen, lounge and dining room are all open plan which means you have enough room to swing a cat or two. We have a TV on the wall with sky. There is also a stereo, dvd and video player. 201613992 The Cottage Terrible photo of the bathroom. It also contains a loo which is handy. In the corner not in the photo, we have a washing machine and laundry tub. 201613993 The Cottage Half the kitchen, looking out into the back yard. 201622204 The Cottage More of the kitchen 201635619 The Dining Area Our dining space is open plan with the kitchen and the lounge. Really cosy and practical. 201642253 The Cottage Open plan living in a compact space. 201651699 The Cottage The vegetable garden (it looks much better now) is just for the guests staying at the Cottage. If you are cooking up a storm and need some fresh herbs or veges, help yourself 202280609 The Cottage Sit in the back garden in total privacy and enjoy a wine or two. 202280610 The Cottage There is plenty of room to run about, kick a ball or even just wander around in the fresh air. 202280611 The Cottage Even on a bitter day outside, the Cottage is cosy, warm and welcoming. 202280612 The Cottage Look, room to swing a cat. Each bedroom has a big chair that can be bought out into the lounge should you want to spread out and watch a DVD. 202280613 The Cottage Please note our nice new lino. Laid in May along with new carpet throughout. 202280614 The Cottage If you really have to get some work done while you are on holiday, we have a desk and some workspace set up in the sunporch. 202280615 The Cottage Brrr, a very frosty start to the morning but our guests kept the heatpump going overnight and they were a toasty 21 degrees when they woke. 202280616 The Main House If you need extra vegetables you can raid the garden (or graveyard as its nicknamed ) at the Main House. We have to keep the fence around it to keep the bunnies out. 202280617 The Cottage The view from the Sunporch looking down the driveway, as we said, plenty of room to park. 202280618 The Cottage All the kids that come to stay love exploring around the trees and in the old chook house. Our summer project is to turn it into a hut. 202280619 The Main House Oh look, we are somewhere over the rainbow. 202280620 The Cottage This was the worst frost we had (so far) over winter. The day turned out to be stunning, in fact we all lunched on the deck and sat outside until about 4pm. 202280621 The Cottage The Roundabout Garden outside the sunporch window. 203223347 The Main House Here we are all pretty in pink. 203223348 The Cottage Something to keep the kids happy. 203223349 The Main House Mr Bunny looking to see what he can have for dinner 203223350 The Cottage If you have to work, there is a space in the sunroom to pop your laptop down. 203223351 The Cottage It was a bit chilly in the middle of winter but everyone was cosy inside. 203223352 The Cottage This is the view after a two minute walk down the road. 203223353 The Cottage No chooks ............ 203223354 The Cottage A rainbow to cheer us up. 203223355