The Winedrinkers Cottage

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Accounts: We accept cash or a direct transfer into our bank account.

BBQ Facilities: There is a BBQ available for the Cottage.  Please let us know if you require this and we will drag it out of the shed and pop it on your deck.  The utensils are above the pantry in a silver box.

Blankets:  There are spare blankets in the wardrobe, electric blankets on the beds and duck down duvets.  If you need any more blankets just let us know.  Don’t hesitate to stay warm and use the heat pump overnight should you want to keep the chill off the air. 

Breakages: Please report any unit items broken by you or your guests to us.  We realize accidents happen and won’t be laying any blame, we just need to know so we can replace or repair the item.

Breakfast: We are not a B&B nor a motel, so we don’t “do” breakfast.  However, we do want you to feel right at home, so we have put some fresh eggs in the chicken on the bench, and some bread in the pantry along with some homemade jam, help yourself.

Broadband: Wireless broadband is available if you get close to the Main House. We suggest sitting at the grey table and chairs to the side of the big shed or if it’s cold, knock on the door and you can check your e-mails inside.  If you wander around to the front of the Main House, there is a table and chair on the deck, sun in the afternoon and good wireless reception.

Sometimes we get really lucky and it will work at the desk in the Cottage.  It is very hit and miss and we apologize.

Car Wash: If you need to wash your car please give us a yell and we will sort out the hose and some cleaning products for you.

Check-Out Time: Check out time is 11am. Keys can be handed in to us or left under the mat on your deck.

Car Parking: There is heaps of room outside the cottage for parking, just help yourselves.  We do ask that you don’t park in front of the garage doors please.

Cooking Facilities: Full cooking facilities have been supplied including microwave, toaster and a kettle. A large slow cooker and an Electric frypan are also available on request. There are some staples in the pantry, please feel free to use them.  Sometimes we cook an extra meal and pop it into the Cottage freezer for those of you who may arrive late and hungry.  These just need zapping in the microwave.  Once again help yourself, they are not fancy but will fill a gap.

Games:  There are some games in the black drawers in the lounge.  We have more at the Main House if you get really competitive.  There are few children’s toys in a plastic container at the top of the wardrobe too.

Garden:  There is a small garden out the back of the Cottage.  Please feel free to help yourself to any vegetables or herbs you may require while staying.

Important Numbers you may need:

Doctor: Carterton Medical Centre, 159 High Street, Carterton, ph 06-3798105

Dentist: The Dental Clinic, 50 Perry Street, Masterton, ph 06-3790041

Info Centre: The Events Centre, Holloway Street, Carterton, ph 06-3794081

Taxi: Ph 3795303

Main House: Ph 3795399


Laundry: There is a washing machine in the Cottage for your use, laundry powder is under the tub.  There is a hamper and pegs provided.  The iron and ironing board are in the wardrobe in the bedroom.  You are not expected to wash your bedding when you depart, just leave it on the beds and we will come in and clean after you have gone – relax, you are having a break.  The same goes for the towels etc.  These can be found in the bedroom with the TV.  If you run out, let us know and we can supply more.  If you want beach towels, we have those at the Main House.

Maintenance: We aim to provide you with all services in good working order. Please report any problems to us so we can fix them quick smart.

Picnics: If you want to head off and eat in the great outdoors, we have a couple of checked rugs at the house if you want something to sit on.  In the wardrobe in the bedroom there is a little pack with plates, cups etc.  There are also two really comfy deck chairs you are free to use. These are great for sitting out in the sun on the deck on a good day, just please remember to bring them in at night. 

Reading Materials: There are a stack of books in the Cottage.  We totally understand if you are half way through a soft cover and want to take it with you, do so.  It would also be really great if you finish a book while staying and donate it to our collection.  Please do not take any of the cook books, these are well loved and wanted.

Smoke Alarms: Smoke detectors have been installed, excluding the bathroom. Please help minimize the occurrence of false alarms by keeping a close eye on cooking food, especially toast. Steam may also set off the alarms so it is advisable to keep bathroom door closed whilst showering.

Smoking: Smoking inside is a total NO NO.  You are welcome to smoke outside and floating around are ashtrays, please use them.

Stereo: For some reason we cannot fathom, the damn thing turns itself on again sometimes.  Thank goodness it is just the lights, not the noise.  Just ignore it or if the flashing annoys you, unplug it at the plug box.  There are CD’s, DVD’s etc. in the black drawers in the lounge. 

Television: In the lounge: Turn the TV on with the Veon remote, using the big red button on the top left hand side.  Then please use the Sky remote for all the channels.

In the bedroom, there is only the one remote, that’s because that TV will only go on the channel that is playing in the lounge.  Really, it’s just for when you want to go to bed but you are halfway through a movie.

 If you do push the wrong button and everything goes haywire, give us a shout and we will endeavor to figure it out.

Toilet:  Although we are on town supply, our sewerage has to be especially pumped out.  We have a very delicate filter so ask that nothing other than loo paper is flushed.  Even make up wipes upset our machine so if you could please put any products like this in the rubbish it would be really appreciated.

Visitors: Great that you want your mates around but it would be really nice if they could leave by 11pm please. 

Water:  Our water is fine to drink.  It is not fluoridated and comes from the town supply. 

Relax: Please make yourselves at home and relax.  If you require anything else, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We would rather fix something straight away than get a bad review, or worse still, you not enjoy your time at The Winedrinkers Cottage. 

We are privileged to have you stay and want to see you again and again.